One of the main premises of CST is that your body knows how to heal itself and wants to feel better, it just sometimes needs encouragement and direction. CST is also unique in its view of dysfunction not as something “bad” that needs to be changed, but as a way that your body has been working to protect itself.

We view the body with gratitude for the work it’s done to protect rather than something that’s failing.

I truly believe that this different treatment approach is a huge part of the success I have with my clients.


This is such a unique and beautiful way to listen to and work with the body, and because if that it can be hugely successful in treating a wide range of issues including –


*migraines and other headaches


*vertigo and balance issues


*TMJ dysfunction


*anxiety disorders






*rotator cuff injuries

*sinus issues



*autoimmune disorders




*whip lash


*joint, muscle & nerve pain & dysfunction




*traumatic brain injury


*chronic back pain